Monday, July 21, 2008

Headquarters Address Change and Email

Information on contacting headquarters from Ronnie Grant, CSUEU Vice President for Organizing:

New Headquarters Address

Please note that our CSUEU office is moving from our leased 10th St. location to the CSEA building on O St. in Sacramento.

First-class mail to our old 10th St. address should be forwarded for the next 12 months. During the 13th through 18th months from the date CSUEU places the forwarding order; mail addressed to 10th St. will be returned to the sender with a note showing the new O St. address; after 18 months mail addressed to 10th St. will be returned to the sender without the new address. See, e.g., Domestic Mail Manual 507 §1.5.1.

However, if you have a pre-printed business reply mail envelope addressed to 1129 10th St., do not change the address on the envelope. Domestic Mail Manual 507 §9.4.4 states, The delivery address on a piece of BRM may not be altered to redirect the mailpiece to any address other than the one preprinted on the piece.

Business reply mail to our old address should be forwarded for 12 months.

However, forwarding can cause several days of delay, so I encourage you to use our new address:

CSU Employees Union
1108 O Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Our phone numbers will not change: voice 916-319-4800, toll-free 866-763-1452, FAX 916-319-4808.

CSEA Email Issues

[Editor's note: CSEA provides email services for CSUEU staff and some officers, as part of our support contract with CSEA.]

CSEA currently has a misconfiguration in its IT systems which will result in e-mail sent to any address occasionally bouncing with the error Unable to relay. Due to the nature of the misconfiguration, I have personally experienced bounced e-mail only a few times, all occurring overnight.

If your e-mail addressed to a account bounces, simply resend it and it will likely be delivered.

I have reported this to CSEA's IT department and I am awaiting a response. If you have any bounces, please feel free to forward them to itsupport [at]

[Technical details: The third (and last) priority MX record for points to, The mail server at is not configured to accept mail for Thankfully, the first two MX hosts are properly configured to accept mail.]

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