Monday, August 18, 2008

Technology Executives Urge Budget Support for Higher Education

In today's San Francisco Chronicle, two technology company executives urge support for higher education in the state budget:

As business leaders, we understand that investing in higher education is just as vital as investing in the latest equipment and technology. Our public colleges and universities are the foundation of California's business model, its blueprint for economic growth, its strategic plan for global market share. The world is networked, and our public universities are at the hub of those connections embedded throughout our offices, our homes and virtually every aspect of our daily life. Keeping those connections healthy and vigorous requires the full participation and engagement of the community - from all the people of California.

That's why we're urging the governor and our state legislators to continue fueling California's economic engine by making strong, sustained investments in higher education in this year's budget. These choices will make all the difference for California's future.

The authors are Kim Polese, CEO of SpikeSource, and Jerry Fiddler, chairman of Solazyme. SpikeSource sells software development tools. Solazyme describes itself as a synthetic biology company that unleashes the power of marine microbes to create clean and scalable solutions for the renewable energy, industrial chemical, and specialty ingredient markets.


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