Friday, September 19, 2008

Side Letter on IRP Information Requests

This morning Teven Laxer, Senior Labor Relations Representative at CSUEU headquarters, announced an agreement on the information requests for the FY 2007 In-Range Progression (IRP) requests:

I am happy to announce that we have an agreement on the IRP information requests for FY 2007.

Please see attached. If you have any questions, let me know.

We expect to receive data on systemwide funded IRPs soon, and then on campus-funded IRPs.

Eventually, we will receive logs on those IRPs denied.

(This email was sent to state-wide officers, chapter presidents and vice-presidents, chief stewards, organizing chairs, bargaining unit councils and staff)

The only copy we have of the final agreement is the image PDF linked below. We hope to have text available within a day or so.

Though the announcement was made on Talk Like a Pirate Day, the agreement itself is dated 2 days ago, and has no holiday-inspired language in it. But that's no reason you yourself can't infuse your everyday conversations with romance and danger, as Dave Barry put it.


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