Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Activist Honored at Board of Directors Dinner

More good information about this weekend's CSUEU Board of Directors meeting, from CSUEU President Pat Gantt:

TO:CSUEU Board Members, CSUEU Standing Committee Members and CSUEU Assigned staff

The Agenda and schedule for the meetings this coming weekend can be found on the CSUSU website:
We are posting the committee agendas on this website as they come in and you can click on the committee name to view the agenda. There will be more of them posted today. The Executive Officer meeting is on Thursday from 10-5 and we will be reviewing all the agendas to make adjustments as needed for the board meeting to make sure we can get through everything we need to this next weekend.

On Saturday evening we will be having a dinner to honor Jay Jimenez who is retiring at the end of this year. This is his final CSUEU board meeting and we will have a "polite roast" of Jay and his tenure with CSUEU and CSEA. The length of his tenure mirrors our history and evolution as an organization. It will be an evening that will be educational, entertaining and emotional. There are several surprise guests planned. We will also honor a few others that are leaving us.

If any of you have any questions, ideas, stories or pictures please let me know:pgantt[ at the domain ]

In Union,
Pat Gantt, President
CSUEU/SEIU Local 2579

[We've obscured the email address slightly to obstruct spammers a bit without making it unreadable for humans.]

CSUEU meetings are open by default. There are a few exceptions, most commonly involving bargaining or representation. Don't wait for an invitation – just come and watch, and speak up if the spirit moves you.


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