Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pat Gantt Calls CSU Executive Raises "Bad Form"

CSUEU President Pat Gantt criticizes recent CSU executive pay raises in today's San Francisco Chronicle:

"Paying managers and executives more at a time when everyone else is sacrificing is bad form," said Pat Gantt, president of the CSU Employees Union, which represents about 16,000 staff members. "It's like the executives at Enron taking bonuses while the company goes down ... .

"In this kind of budget crunch, it's really a question of leadership," Gantt added.

Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi, a Trustees, is quoted as saying the CSU may need to freeze CSU executive pay raises and hiring to repair its credibility:

"We need a better image to gain the public's trust. Unless we get the public's support, we won't get the funding we need."

The Chronicle notes that the position of Vice Chancellor, University Relations and Advancement had been vacant for more than 5 years. Yesterday the Board of Trustees approved filling that position at an annual salary of $240,000, plus a monthly vehicle allowance of $1,000, and standard CSU executive perks including an annual physical and the executive transition program.

Jeffrey Bleich, Chair of the Board of Trustees, described an executive salary freeze, hiring freeze or layoffs as a last resort and said the Trustees had not considered it.



Anonymous said...

Like the UAW union, the CSUEU and the CFA are still trying to blow hot air into a deflated budget. While pretending their causes are for the hirer good when they're are really just about securing us the piddly raises they always do. It would be nice to get a raise based on my exception merit. These contract-based raises that everyone receives once in a great while will eventually chase me and the other quality professors away from the CSU. I'm sick of getting the same raises as professors with horrible student and academic rankings. Let's dump the unions and get what we deserve. Who's with me?


Anonymous said...

re: "Leadership begins somewhere else"

Something that CSU Administrators need to think about:

| CEO takes a pay cut

| Japan Airlines' CEO slashes his
| pay below the pay of pilots.
| CNN's Kyung Lah reports