Sunday, November 9, 2008

Supplemental Information for BUC 9 Report (November 2008 Meeting)

Some supplemental information and links to go with the Bargaining Unit Council (BUC) 9 report for the November 8, 2008 meeting:

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Here's the distribution by bargaining unit for campus-funded IRPs for fiscal year 2008-2009, through October 2008:

Bargaining UnitNumber of IRPs Systemwide
[95 of these were at the Chancellor's Office]
  • For the current fiscal year, a total of 236 IRPs have been approved for all bargaining units, at a cost to the campuses of $785,500 for the year.
  • An average of 6.59% of employees in all bargaining units received IRPs for fiscal year 2007-2008.

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Exempt Employees

Here's the language of section 18.6 of the contract:

18.6   Exempt employees are expected to accomplish assigned work without regard for the number of hours worked. If exempt employees need to work extra hours in the business day or week, they do not receive overtime or CTO. When it is necessary for exempt employees to work extended hours, managers may authorize informal adjustments in work hours.

CTO stands for Compensatory Time Off.

Note also that 18.10 specifies that a five (5) day workweek is the norm. Section 15.3 states in part that Each full-time employee shall be considered to work not more than forty (40) hours each week.

Remember too that working from home as part of your work assignment – checking on systems, responding to calls, etc. – is time worked, and should be considered when requesting a schedule adjustment.

Exempt, Workload and Contract Links

Classification Issues

CSUEU requested on April 18, 2008, that the CSU study the creation of an Environmental Health and Safety Officer classification. So far we have received no response from the CSU. Right now, these employees are spread out in a variety of classifications.

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