Friday, February 6, 2009

FAX Your GC Delegate Form

You can fax your General Council (GC) nomination forms to headquarters, instead of mailing. The toll-free FAX number for headquarters is (866) 977-7838.

CSUEU Vice President for Organizing Ronnie Grant sent this out yesterday evening:

The CSUEU Executive Officer Committee has consulted with CSUEU Attorney Nancy Yamada, and we have agreed that there is nothing in CSEA or CSUEU Bylaws or Policy that requires an original signed nomination form be mailed to HQ. Bylaws and Policy only require a written nomination, which must be signed.

Therefore, effective immediately:

  • CSUEU will accept a signed GC nomination form by FAX.
  • If you FAX the form, you do not need to mail it. CSUEU will retain the signed FAX as the written nomination.

We now have a toll-free FAX number: 1-866-977-7838.

You can also fax to the toll number, 916-319-4808.

If you have any GC nominations forms laying around, please FAX them today. If you have already FAXed your form, we will not need to mail the original, although I recommend you retain the original for your own records. When sending a FAX, I recommend you print a send confirmation from your FAX machine.

Your FAX must be received by 5 p.m. on the deadline date. The deadline date is currently Monday 2/9. There is a special CSUEU Board meeting on Monday 2/9 to consider extending the date to 3/9.



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