Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Benefit Question from a Member: CSUEU v. CSEA

A CSUEU member asks:
As a CSUEU member, am I also considered a CSEA [California State Employees Association] member? I’m a little confused about the association. I’m looking at [a purchase] that offers a discount to CSEA members. I’m not sure if there’s a CSUEU discount. Can you explain the association? Thanks.

Yes, you are a CSEA member.

CSUEU is part of CSEA, as an affiliate. All CSUEU members are CSEA members. Since CSUEU is SEIU Local 2579, CSUEU members are also SEIU members.

CSEA is the umbrella organization and consists of Local 1000 (civil service employees), Retirees, ACSS (State Supervisors) and CSUEU.

You can reach CSEA Member Benefits at (916) 326-4283 or toll free at (800) 952-5283. Unit 9 Chair Rich McGee serves on the CSEA Member Benefits Committee.

CSUEU membership is not automatic for CSU employees; you must fill out a membership form to join. Fee payers (nonmembers) are not eligible for CSEA member benefits.

One thing to watch for:
In our context, CSEA is the California State Employees Association. Other groups have the same abbreviation. Outside our organization, isn't always obvious which CSEA is meant.

If you aren't using a CSEA Member Benefits form or web site, it's probably simplest to look for SEIU in the list of organizations whose members are eligible for the discount, and identify yourself as an SEIU member. If it lists CSEA without the full name of the organization, that may refer to a completely different CSEA, such as the California School Employees Association, the California Society of Enrolled Agents, or New York's Civil Service Employees Association. You don't want to run into trouble over whether you're a member of the right CSEA just because someone was unclear about which organization(s) they offer discounts to.


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