Friday, March 13, 2009

CFA: Email Now to Prevent $50 Million Cut to CSU

The California Faculty Association (CFA), which represents CSU faculty, sent out a special CFA Headlines yesterday evening urging emails to State Treasurer Bill Lockyer to prevent even deeper cuts to the CSU.

From CFA Headlines:

The California State University is on the verge of being slashed a third time this school year alone – this time by $50 million more dollars.

State funding for the CSU was already reduced by $607 million this year.

Right now, thousands of new students are being turned away, teachers are being laid off, class sections are being eliminated, and students are giving up on their college education because they can't get the classes and advising they need to graduate.

Yet, the governor's budget now in place says that if the federal government does not send at least $10 billion dollars for the state's general fund, the CSU will lose another $50 million.

Speak out! Send email to State Treasurer Bill Lockyer telling him, Not another cut!

Send your message to and

The legislature has ordered Treasurer Lockyer and Dept of Finance Director Mike Genest to decide by April 1 whether California is getting enough money from the federal government in recovery stimulus (American Recovery Act, ARRA) funding to stop the new cuts.

Next Tuesday, March 17, they will hold a public hearing to help them make the trigger determination, according to Lockyer's web site. At stake is $50 million for the California State University and more than $900 million in other cuts to essential social services as well as to the UC.

In her own letter to State Treasurer Lockyer, CFA President Lillian Taiz states the legislation passed allows all federally approved California funding to be used to offset the $10 billion trigger. She goes on to state:

The CSU cannot sustain additional budget reductions. Because of budget cuts approaching $800 million since 2002 the CSU – for the first time in its history – will formally deny access to at least 10,000 students who would otherwise be eligible to attend a CSU campus. Furthermore, these budget cuts have forced the elimination of hundreds of class sections as well as reduced access to campus libraries and vital student services.

She urges the Treasurer to interpret ABX3 16 in an accurate and comprehensive fashion that allows our state's public universities and essential social programs to retain their 2009/10 funding, while ensuring new federal dollars are expended in a responsible and appropriate manner.

CFA recommends sending your message before the public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, March 17.


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