Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Other States Using Stimulus Funding For Higher Ed

From this week's issue of CFA Headlines, published by the California Faculty Association (CFA):

Other States Using Stimulus Funding To Increase Higher Ed Spending

While California's lawmakers are using federal stimulus money as an excuse to make budget cuts to our four-year universities and other critical services, lawmakers in other states are using the money for its intended purpose: rebuilding infrastructure and reinvesting in critical programs like education, health services and higher education.

Minnesota's Republican Governor – and one-time possible vice president pick – Tim Pawlenty announced last week that he will use stimulus funds granted to his state to increase higher education funding by $304 million and will cap student fees for at least two years.

In Massachusetts, Governor Duval Patrick has announced that he may use the federal stimulus money to invest as much as $651 million in higher education over the next 27 months.

Meantime, even Iceland, despite a near-total collapse of its economy, is still putting money into public higher education. The U. of Iceland, a public school, increased enrollment by 10 percent and attendance is nearly free—about $400 a year. An advisor in the education ministry says, We expect education to play a big role in responding to the crisis.


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