Sunday, May 17, 2009

CFA, CSUEU, APC On Why To Vote No On 1A

Thursday afternoon, May 14, the California Faculty Association (CFA), CSUEU, and the Academic Professionals of California (APC), sent this email out to (at least some) email addresses gathered by the Alliance for the CSU:

To: Supporters of the California State University

From: California Faculty Association,
CSU Employees Union, and
Academic Professionals of California

May 14, 2009

Re: Why You Should Vote No on Prop. 1A in the May 19 Special Election

Dear CSU Supporter,

We are the faculty and staff who teach and work on the 23 campuses of the California State University.

Because of the devastating impact Proposition 1A would have on our state university system, as well as on public health and other public services supported by the state of California, we ask you to…

Vote No on Proposition 1A in the May 19 Special Election

Prop. 1A would institutionalize more than 10 years of cutbacks to the CSU. Over the past 10 years, CSU state funding per student has dropped by $3000 - almost 30%. When adjusted for inflation the CSU's funding is lower today than it was 10 years ago, even though there are more than 90,000 additional students today.

Yet, Prop. 1A would have no impact on the state budget crisis that the CSU is facing right now. It does not add or take away one dime from the state budget either this year or next year.

Worse, over the coming years it would slam a lid on how much the state can provide for public four-year education, regardless of how many students need to go to college.

Future funding would be based on the CSU's worst budget year ever, and that means that state funding for each student would go down even more than it already has - leaving students and parents with the burden of higher fees and greater debt to pay for college.

Plus, Prop. 1A would give the Governor extraordinary new power over the budget - including the power to make more mid-year cuts - without checks and balances from the Legislature.

Read the text of Prop. 1A yourself, at…

You will see that this proposed Constitutional Amendment is filled with complex formulas and convoluted language, hastily drafted behind closed doors without public hearings or independent analysis of how it will actually work.

This is bad for the CSU and it is bad for California.

The California State University is a driver of our state's economy. When the economy is bad, we need more people in college, not fewer. Our future depends on it.

You can learn more about Prop. 1A at the official campaign web site…

Thank you for taking a stand for the California State University.


California Faculty Association • • (916) 441-4848
CSU Employees Union • • (866) 763-1452
Academic Professionals of California • (209) 632-2627

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