Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poll Says Californians Oppose Higher Ed Cuts, Want Better Solution Than "Cuts Only" Budget

The California Faculty Association (CFA) put out a special edition of CFA Headlines today titled New Poll Shows Californians Want Real Budget Reform. From CFA Headlines:

With the remnants of Tuesday's failed propositions still smoldering in the minds of the lawmakers and the public, CFA and its allies in the effort to defeat Prop 1A released new polling data about how voters want to address the state budget deficit.

…[CFA President Lillian] Taiz continued, The assumption from some lawmakers and members of the media that this election is a mandate on a 'cuts only' budget is simply false. This polling data affirms that the public wants a combination of specific cuts to streamline state government as well as a major restructuring of how revenue is collected and from whom it is collected.

Based on polling conducted within the last week, the article lists several tax increases voters support, and goes on to say that …voters adamantly opposed some of the specific spending cuts proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger, and that 73% oppose cutting funding for state colleges and universities by $1.2 billion.

CFA is sponsoring AB 656 in the state legislature, to create a stable funding source for all three segments of public higher education in California by enacting a new tax at the wellhead on oil and natural gas 'severed' from California land or water.


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