Sunday, June 28, 2009

BUC 9 Report for June 27, 2009 Meeting

Here's the report from last night's Bargaining Unit Council (BUC) 9 meeting:

Chair's Report

  • We've had one layoff: at Bakersfield, where management claimed "lack of work," not lack of funds
  • Managers may not use the "L" (Layoff) word. If you hear a manager say anything about layoffs or layoff plans, notify your Bargaining Unit Chair and chapter LRR immediately.
IT Security Policy

Two things are under development:

  • CSU system-wide Acceptable Use Policy – This must be bargained with the unions first. We've had conversations with Chancellor's Office staff about concerns we had with early drafts. We're expecting another draft shortly. If your campus claims to have an IT Acceptable Use Policy, please obtain a copy and notify the Unit 9 Chair
  • Mandatory online security training – Several Unit 9 officers statewide were selected to be beta testers, and found problems. We have contacted the Chancellor's Office with our concerns, and we're awaiting their response.

Our bargaining units have never faced furloughs before, so some things are yet to be determined (and bargained) about how it would work. Based on what we know so far:

  • Effects on exempt employees:
    • Exempt employees will become hourly during furlough weeks, and will work only 32 hours. All overtime or work past that must be approved. Unauthorized overtime work (i.e checking a server from home, without being told to do so by your manager) would be subject to discipline.
    • Only an MPP can call you during your off time.
    • There is a 3-hour minimum for callback pay. Up to 40 hours' work is not paid at the overtime rate; overtime kicks in when you go past 40 hours in a week. It's the administrator's choice whether you get cash or Compensatory Time Off (CTO).
    • Sick and vacation time must be reported that week, and you can be docked for being late, taking too long a lunch, etc.
  • During non-furlough weeks, watch for work overload. Your boss should not assign you extra work that week because the next furlough week will be shorter.
  • You can't use sick or vacation time to cover the furlough days.
  • There is no guarantee of no layoffs. The point of furloughs is to mitigate layoffs, not a guarantee to eliminate them entirely.
  • The Chancellor is estimating we will need 2.5 years of furloughs.
  • The Chancellor's Office came to the unions and asked about furloughs; Civil Service got furloughs by way of governor's executive order.
  • Chancellor's goal is to have 16 hours of furlough per month, with all campuses closed the same 2 days per month to reap additional energy savings.
  • Teven Laxer, Senior Labor Relations Representative (SLRR) assigned to Unit 9, had some further updates:
    • UAPD (Unit 1, physicians and veterinarians) and SETC (Unit 6, skilled trades) have rejected furloughs.
    • SETC is currently at impasse in contract bargaining, and the CSU has now proposed a 10% pay cut.
    • We have 674 new members (so far).

Library Services Specialist (LSS)

Library Assistants (Unit 7) and Lead Library Assistants (Unit 4) are to be moved into a new classification: LSS. Creating this new classification has been a years-long process. We are now negotiating over the LSS pay scale, and the transition of employees to the LSS classification. The bargaining team consists of the Chairs and Vice Chairs of BUC 7 and BUC 9, and several Library Assistants. We expect 1 or more days of further bargaining. CSU has so far agreed to broaden the salary range, but not to increase individual salaries.

Outsourcing and Job Erosion

Please report any instances or discussions of outsourcing to Chair. Examples including all IT outsourcing (email, database, web hosting, web design, etc.). For example, one of the cases the Representation Committee just moved to arbitration involves server administration duties being reassigned to a faculty member.

Labor-Management Committee (LMC) on Compensation Issues

Each BUC will get one committee delegate and alternate.

Adjourned at 6:58 p.m.


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