Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Budget Polling Data from CSUEU/SEIU

This message was sent by headquarters last week:


Attached please find three documents:

  • Reasons Prop1AFailed slides.pdf is a printout of a slide show presenting the results of a scientific poll commissioned by SEIU and conducted by David Binder Research. The results belie the Governor’s assertion that the defeat of Proposition 1A was a message from the general public that the legislature and the governor must continue to carve up service provided to the people of California. Rather, the poll results clearly show that Californians are willing to pay the shared cost of supporting public universities and schools. According to the Binder poll, 73% were opposed to higher education budget cuts.
  • SurveyReasonsProp1Afailed is an overview of the David Binder Poll in memo form, prepared by David Binder Research.
  • GarinHartYangsurvey results CA budget solutions 2009-05.pdf is another scientific poll of California voters; this one was commissioned by the Fair Budget Coalition. The poll reveals sentiments much like those indicated in the Binder poll: California voters find cuts to education unacceptable, while they believe that voters are not asked to carry their fair share of the burden during these difficult times and are willing to support tax/revenue increases. According to the this poll, 65% stated that further cuts to CSU and UC were unacceptable.

In union,

Phillip Coonley, Chief of Staff
California State University Employees Union (CSUEU)

In related news, CSU Sacramento has released a survey showing support for tax increases to sustain higher education:

Almost three of every five Sacramento-area residents are willing to pay additional taxes to fund college education, according to a just-released report by California State University Sacramento.


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