Thursday, June 11, 2009

CSUEU Budget Central

CSUEU has established a State and CSU Budget Central page to give you one-stop shopping for the latest budget information. If you share this site with your members, they can look up the most current budget information at their convenience.

Here's the announcement from headquarters, describing what's available:

Cc: Staff

Good afternoon,

We’ve just created a Budget Central page on the web site, designed to provide the latest information about the state and CSU budget crises. It includes a budget/layoff FAQ, English and Spanish-language versions of the layoff KYR, and news updates as we find out about them. The page is accessible from a box on the right side of the CSUEU home page as well as the Home pull-down menu.

Thanks to Rich McGee for suggesting the idea and to Teven Laxer for helping to pull together the key materials. Please feel free to forward this information at your chapter as you deem appropriate.

In union,


John Watson
Communications Officer

Unit 9 Editor's note: KYR refers to a Know Your Rights flier.

And here's yesterday's update on the budget and the Board of Directors conference call:

June 10: Information-Gathering Session with CSU Yesterday

CSUEU's Pat Gantt, Dennis Dillon and Teven Laxer met with representatives of CSU management at the Office of the Chancellor yesterday on an information-gathering basis.

The context was a projected cut to the CSU budget of $583,816,000, the amount proposed by the governor in the May Revise and expected to be recommended by the Budget Conference Committee within the next week. This represents a staggering 13.5 percent cut to the budget.

The team was told that the Chancellor is abiding by two key principles in dealing with this crisis: maintaining the best quality of education possible and saving as many jobs as possible. The conversation focused on different ways to deal with the budget shortfall, including the possibility of furloughs as a potential alternative to layoffs (the topic of furloughs is broached in the budget FAQ posted to this site).

The Board of Directors met by teleconference at noon today and voted to commission a scientific telephone poll of a representative number of members for feedback on furloughs and related topics, scheduled to be completed within the next 10 days. Check Budget Central for the latest updates.


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