Monday, June 15, 2009

Furlough FAQ Posted

If you haven't seen it, CSUEU has posted a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list about the CSU furlough proposal. The FAQ list is based on the notes from last week's meeting with the Chancellor's Office, augmented with additional questions from the bargaining team, chapter officers, and rank-and-file employees.

We highly recommend that you read the whole thing. If you have questions which aren't answered there, please send those questions to your chapter officers and/or bargaining unit chair (Unit 9 Chair Rich McGee's email address is Your questions will be forwarded to headquarters for inclusion or clarification in the FAQ.

Some key points:

  • Furloughs would mitigate layoffs. Without furloughs we are facing thousands of layoffs of CSUEU-represented employees.
  • This is a much greater number of layoffs than we have ever faced.
  • Layoffs would mean the campus presidents pick and choose which departments, classifications and skill levels are affected. Furloughs spread the impact evenly, without the opportunity for anyone to play favorites.
  • Within a classification or skill level, layoffs are by seniority, combined with the potential bumping rights of people who previously worked in that classification and certain exemptions to the normal order of layoff. You can have 10 or 20 years' seniority, and still be laid off. A long and praise-worthy career with the CSU does not automatically protect you from layoff.
  • The CSU can't guarantee their future budget situation – neither approach can guarantee we won't face more cuts down the road.


If these links don't work for you – items do tend to move around on the CSUEU web site – go to the main CSUEU page and look under the Bargaining pull-down menu for contract information, under State and CSU Budget Central for the latest budget information including the Furlough FAQ, and under the On the Job pull-down menu or Library link for Know Your Rights fliers.

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