Monday, June 22, 2009

Members, Directors Vote to Negotiate Furloughs to Mitigate Layoffs

The message below was sent out this evening from headquarters with the subject line FURLOUGH UPDATE: FOR BROAD DISTRIBUTION.
Short version: Members voted 83% in favor of negotiating furloughs to mitigate layoffs, so we will contact the CSU to begin bargaining.

CSUEU Colleagues:

In a series of advisory votes over the last week, CSUEU members have clearly indicated their support for the concept of two furlough days per month, as proposed earlier this month by the Chancellor's Office.

The results of the votes taken at the chapter level are reflected in the chart below. An online survey and a scientific poll came to the same result: CSUEU-represented employees support the concept of furloughs at the rate of approximately 82 percent in favor.

The next step will be for CSUEU leadership to notify the Chancellor's office that the CSUEU has accepted their offer to come to the table to negotiate furloughs. Negotiations for a side letter could begin as early as next week.

We have received an unprecedented number of suggestions and concerns related to a potential furlough program and will convey these messages to the bargaining team. The CSUEU bargaining team is committed to working on an agreement which will reflect these ideas to the fullest extent possible. We will not reach an agreement until we have a clear understanding as to how the furlough program will impact our members.

We are gratified by the level of involvement and activity on the part of all chapter leaders and represented employees. Over 5700 votes were tallied at the chapter level, and over 5800 individuals completed online surveys. Everyone worked hard to get the message out and exhibited an unprecedented willingness to share their opinions and thoughts about this issue.

In a meeting this afternoon, the CSUEU Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept the will of the members and voted to direct the bargaining team to begin negotiations with the Chancellor's Office. We will continue to keep an open dialogue with you and encourage you to continue to dialogue with your campus leaders by sharing your opinions and creative solutions.

No furlough
301 – Humboldt17730 
302 – Chico16845 
303 – Sacramento35969 
304 – Sonoma14334 
305 – San Francisco37446 
306 – East Bay16332 
307 – San Jose26337 
308 – Stanislaus20020 
309 – Fresno883 
310 – Bakersfield10224 
311 – Los Angeles146523
312 – Northridge318821
313 – Chancellor's Office12810 
314 – Dominguez Hills12820 
315 – Long Beach288122 
316 – San Luis Obispo331891
317 – Fullerton32539 
318 – San Diego28588 
319 – Pomona29141 
320 – San Bernardino167738
321 – San Marcos16419 
322 – Monterey Bay101151
323 – California Maritime Academy395 
324 – Channel Islands12810 

In union,

Phillip Coonley, Chief of Staff
California State University Employees Union (CSUEU)

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