Thursday, June 25, 2009

Proposed Changes to CSUEU Bylaws and Policy File

Curious to see what your CSUEU Board of Directors will be voting on? Here's one sample.

This is a series of proposed amendments to CSUEU's Bylaws and Policy File, as proposed by the CSUEU Policy File Committee. The proposals were distributed to the Board of Directors by headquarters in advance of this weekend's Board of Directors meeting.

The Bylaws and the Policy File are our governing documents. They establish the structure and the rules under which we operate, including the officers' duties.

Here are the recommendation and background from the agenda item:

Recommended Action:

That the CSUEU Board of Directors adopt the attached amendments to the Article 5 Corporate Governance section of CSUEU's Bylaws, and Divisions 3, 5, and 12 of the Policy File.


Currently, the executive officers' duties and responsibilities are listed in both the Bylaws and in one or more locations in the Policy File. The recommended amendment does not change any of the officers' duties. Rather, the consolidation of the duties and responsibilities will eliminate redundancy, and simply, the members will no longer have to look in 2, 3, or 4 different locations to ascertain the scope of the Statewide Officers' duties. The Committee recommends that the duties should be consolidated in the Bylaws rather than the policy file because once the duties of the Corporation's Executive Officers are set, such duties and responsibilities should be more permanent, i.e., not subject to change without full notice to the Board.

The documents appear to be PDF image scans. We apologize for the obstacle this creates; they were the only copies distributed, to the best of our knowledge.


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