Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapter 308 President Quoted in Story on Employees Using Food Stamps

Chapter 308 (Stanislaus) president Frank Borrelli was quoted in the Modesto Bee's story CSUS furloughs may propel some toward food stamps:

As staff members at California State University, Stanislaus, prepare to take two furlough days a month, many supporting their families are coming dangerously close to qualifying for public aid.

Others have salaries low enough to qualify for food stamps despite working full time on campus.

That's criminal, said Frank Borrelli, president of the local CSU Employees Union chapter, which represents about 400 employees. People see state workers (as having) huge pensions and huge salaries. That's not the group we represent.

Later in the story, Borrelli mentions that some employees have told him they won't be able to afford utilities, and that others will need to take a second or third job.


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