Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CSUEU Twitter Feeds

CSUEU has several Twitter feeds now. Here are the ones we know of:

Updates were described in the email announcement as whenever any relevant updates are posted to the web or for other key announcements
Inside CSUEU:
From Vice President for Organizing Ronnie Grant, this carries News and tips for leaders, stewards and staff of CSUEU. This feed has been used to post election results during ballot counting, and updates during CSUEU Board of Directors meetings. This one is the most prolific so far.
CSUEU Legislative Committee:
Information about Legislative Committee activities and CSUEU positions on all things political

Wait, What's Twitter?

If you're not familiar with Twitter:

  • Twitter is a way of publishing a stream of short messages
  • Messages (called updates or tweets) can be read on the web or received as text messages on your cell phone
  • You can read updates online without signing up for Twitter.
    • You can use the URLs above to check the feeds when you feel like it.
    • You can use the RSS feed to receive automated updates in your browser or feed reader. RSS feed links are on each the pages above.
  • If you want to receive text messages on your cell phone, send a text message from your phone to 40404 with the text: follow insidecsueu
    • Substitute the name of the feed you want to follow
    • Check how much text messages cost on your phone (some plans charge for each message, which can add up fast)
  • The feeds we list above are all public, meaning they can be read by anyone and don't require a Twitter account.
  • Some feeds are protected, including those of some CSUEU folk. This means only Twitter users approved by that person can see his or her updates
  • Quite a few union activists and staff have Twitter feeds, with a mixture of union and personal topics.
  • If you want to reply via Twitter, you will need to sign up.
  • You can search feeds here: Twitter Search

If your committe, chapter, or other union-y entity has a twitter feed, please leave a note in the comments or email us so we can add it.


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