Thursday, July 9, 2009

Expedited Ratification Process

A copy of the ratification process was sent to the Board of Directors just before noon today:

CSUEU Board of Directors:

Attached please find a copy of the expedited ratification process that was passed at the June BOD.

In union,

Phillip Coonley, Chief of Staff
California State University Employees Union (CSUEU)

The copy attached to the email is linked below. Here is the text of the document:


The Bargaining Committee shall normally determine if a side letter agreement requires ratification by the membership. The Board of Directors may exercise overall authority in requiring the ratification of a side letter agreement when it determines that the subject will have a significant impact on the membership. The Bargaining Committee may either use the ratification procedure outlined in 605.00 or the expedited process below. Expedited ratification requires the following minimum requirements be met:

(a) the tentative agreement shall be made available to the membership prior to the ratification vote;

(b) The chapters shall be provided with up to date membership lists;

(c) The chapters shall be provided with a ballot template they may use to copy on appropriate colored paper to clearly distinguish the vote from each bargaining unit on their campus. The cost of copying shall be reimbursed by CSUEU;

(d) At least one week (5 business days) shall be allowed for the ratification process to be completed from the date of the chapters are provided with copies of the tentative agreement.;

(e) The TA of the side letter will be posted on the CSUEU website, distributed to the chapters, and sent by e-mail to all members for whom CSUEU has current e-mail addresses within 24 hours of the tentative agreement being reached;

(f) The chapter will send hard copies to those members to whom they normally distribute hard copies due to their lack of access to e-mail as soon as possible after receiving the document. CSUEU shall reimburse the chapter for copying expenses;

(g) Once the tentative agreement has been posted and distributed to the chapters, each Chapter will hold a ratification meeting within one week where members will be allowed to vote on the TA. Current membership status shall be determined from the membership list. The member shall be provided ballots of the appropriate color for their bargaining units. Fair share fee payers who complete a membership application shall be allowed to cast their vote;

(h) The chapter shall count the ballots and notify CSUEU headquarters of the results by bargaining unit no later than 5:00 P.M. the last day of the ratification period. Notification will be via e-mail to the Program Specialist.;

(i) All ballots and checked membership lists will be sent to CSUEU headquarters within five days of the ratification meeting. Chapters shall make copies of all materials prior to sending to HQ, and shall retain those records until confirmation of receipt has been received by HQ..

Chapters will be communicating with employees regarding the details of the ratification vote on each campus.


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