Sunday, July 5, 2009

Furlough Bargaining Resumes Monday in Long Beach

CSUEU's furlough bargaining team meets again with the CSU tomorrow (Monday, July 6) to continue negotiations.

A CSU Labor Council meeting is scheduled for that evening, at the request of the California Faculty Association (CFA). The CSU Board of Trustees holds a special meeting on Tuesday, July 7. Agenda items for the Trustees meeting are information-only; there are no action items scheduled.

Here are last week's bargaining reports, in case you missed them:

July 2: Bargaining Team Report

We met again today with the CSU. Our team presented an initial proposal reflecting the extensive feedback we have received from our members.

The proposal included:

  • 24 furlough days over this fiscal year
  • A projected beginning date of August 1, 2009, and a June 30, 2010, expiration of the furlough program
  • State-wide labor management committees to monitor workload issues and explore additional cost-saving measures

The CSU presented a counter-proposal, which we are now reviewing.

We will be reconvening on Monday, July 6, to resume negotiations.

July 1: Bargaining Team Report

We have begun bargaining with the CSU; they have answered some of our questions, but not all. We have submitted an information request pursuing those unanswered questions and will continue our bargaining session tomorrow morning. No proposals were passed during today's session.

June 30: Bargaining Team Report

CSUEU’s new bargaining team met today in caucus to prepare for furlough bargaining with the CSU, which will begin tomorrow.

We considered our options and clarified our goals to reflect all the feedback from our represented employees on the furlough versus layoff options. Talks with the CSU will continue through Thursday. We expect responses from the CSU on our information request and plan to post answers to our membership some time tomorrow.


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