Friday, July 24, 2009

Information for Supplemental GC Delegate Election

Ronnie Grant, CSUEU Vice President for Organizing, sent out more information on the supplemental General Council (GC) delegate election. Here are the contents of the how-to and sample ballot document, and the sample notice document:


  1. Find out how many delegate vacancies your have i.e. the # of delegates you still need to elect.
  2. Pick a date to hold balloting on your campus. The ballots must be counted and reported no later than 8/7 11 pm.
  3. Pick a date to close nominations (last day to receive the form).
  4. Pick someone (yourself?) to receive the form and create the ballots and generally be in charge.
  5. If the number of candidates equals or is less than the number of delegate vacancies, STOP. All candidates have won automatically. Notify the candidates, membership and report the results (go to step 11 and 12 and 13). Skip steps 6-10.
  6. Create the ballots and copy.
  7. Order the PDF sign-in sheet register for election (see below).
  8. Have the candidate statements available at the polling place or place on ballots. Check no statement is over 100 words.
  9. Hold the election.
  10. Count the ballots.
  11. Report the results to both and Report the name and # of votes. – or if all were automatically elected.
  12. Report results to your Chapter.
  13. Pack the ballots, sign-in sheets, and all other paperwork in a box and ship to Dayna Ramos, 1108 O St, Suite 500, Sacramento, CA 95814. Extra blank ballots can be shredded at your campus.


  • Blank member applications
  • Your PDF voting register for sign-in — no later than 9 am four working days before the election you must email both and with subject line Need voting register so Dayna can place an order with CSEA for the register to be sent to you. Include your election date and the email you want the PDF emailed to. Wendy Montero, 916-326-4300, produces the voting registers the day before so it's fresh and should email it direct to you. If you don't receive it call both Dayna and Wendy.
  • Blank ballots you have modified make your own copies
  • Printed copies of the candidate statements/name


  • Any ballot with more than the # of permitted votes an over-vote ballot or no votes an under-vote ballot is void. Sort these out and set aside. Ballots with identifying info are also void.
  • Start with the first candidate. Sort out all ballots with this person checked. Person #1 counts the ballots, then person # 2 counts. Both counts must agree. Mark each count on a blank sheet which is your tally sheet. If count #1 and #2 don't agree count a third time. Keep recounting until you have two counts that agree.
  • Repeat the above for each other candidate.
  • Rank the candidates by # of votes received.
  • Based on your vote for X, the top X candidates win.


  • Modify the sample ballot as follows:
  • Find out how many delegates you need to elect. Insert the number so it reads vote for X candidates
  • Add the candidate names
  • Statements can be placed on ballots or placed at the polling location (your choice)

(Supplemental election)

IMPORTANT Vote for no more than ____2____ candidates.

Mark your choice(s) with an X.
Do not make any other marks on the ballot.

_____ JOHN DOE
_____ JANE ROE
_____ JOE BLOW

Notice of Supplemental General Council Election:

  • Nominations must be hand delivered, mailed or FAXed to (name) in (room) or (FAX #) or (Mailstop). Signed forms must be received no later than 5 p.m. on (date).
  • Balloting will occur in (room) from (time) to (time) on (date). All members are eligible to vote; if you are not a member, you can join and vote at the polls. Please bring a photo ID to vote.
  • Ballot tabulation will at (date/time) in (room) and is open to observation by members.


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