Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Legislature Gave Raises to Own Staff While Civil Service Employees on Furlough

Oh, for pity's sake:

At least 87 California Assembly staff members received raises totaling more than $430,000 on an annualized basis, even as the state faced a growing budget deficit that led to furloughs and pay cuts for many other government workers and steep reductions in core services.


At the same time the Legislature was awarding pay increases, some 200,000 state government employees had been furloughed two days a month, equivalent to a 9 percent pay cut. That has since been increased to three days, or a nearly 15 percent pay cut.

KTVU reports the Legislature resisted disclosing how it spent taxpayer dollars, having made itself accountable not under the California Public Records Act, but only the far more restrictive Legislative Open Records Act. Aides said some raises were extra compensation for employees who were working more hours.

Thanks to Alisandra Brewer for the link.


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