Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Furlough Workshop at General Council

CSUEU held a Furlough Workshop during during last weekend's CSEA General Council. Attendees learned:

  • Pat Gantt, Lois Kugelmass, and Phillip Coonley met with Bill Candella from the Chancellor's Office by phone on August 11.
  • CSU requested an extension on the statewide grievance. CSUEU denied the extension request, stating, Because the violations are ongoing and preventing our members from choosing their days in compliance with the furlough implementation agreement, we are denying your request for an extension.
  • CSUEU has decided to elevate the statewide grievance to arbitration. This is in abeyance until September 11, to give the CSU time to respond before arbitration.

See a Violation? File!

Remember, if you see or experience a violation of the furlough agreement: File. Don't wait for someone else to fix it, or assume it will be dealt with in the statewide grievance. File each and every time you see a violation of the Furlough Agreement.


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