Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GC Roundup

General Council (GC) finished a day early this year, surprising delegates and planners. CSUEU delegates gathered Monday morning for a photo session, then dispersed to get a welcome jump on the long journey home in holiday traffic.

Delegate Decisions

Here are some of the actions GC delegates took in your name this year:

  • Re-elected the serving CSEA officers:
    • Dave Hart, President
    • Donna Snodgrass, Vice President
    • David Okumura, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Voted to remove certain member protections in CSEA bylaws:
    • Eliminate the requirement for secret ballots in division/affiliate officer elections, as well as a reasonable means of nominating persons for election, and reasonable opportunities for nominees to communicate with members and solicit votes, and a reasonable opportunity for all members to choose among the nominees. (B&P 5/09)
      [Editor's note: Motions to pass B&P 3, 4 and 5 were pushed through so quickly that votes were taken before delegates could get to the microphone to speak in support or opposition, or to ask questions.]
    • Eliminate the ability of members to grieve actions of affiliates to CSEA. (B&P 3/09)
    • Eliminate the requirement that chapters and DLCs have a procedure for the discipline and/or removal of its elected chapter/DLC representatives subject to appeal to the appropriate division/affiliate. (B&P 6/09)
      [Editor's note: A DLC is a District Labor Council — Local 1000's version of chapters.]
  • Voted to change CSEA bylaws to:
    • Remove restrictions on CSEA's ability to go into debt over and above the funds that are currently in its treasury without a 2/3 vote of General Council. (B&P 14/09)
    • Remove the requirement that payments on CSEA's real estate debts be limited to 5% of CSEA's income for the preceding 12 months. (B&P 14/09)
    • Remove the provision that Acts of the Executive Committee in conflict with the provisions of these Bylaws are void. (B&P 4/09)
    • Eliminate the provision that Membership in a chapter/DLC or in an affiliate confers membership in the Association. (B&P 6/09)
    • Eliminate the provision that A chapter's/DLC bylaws may not conflict with these Bylaws or the enactments of the General Council and to the extent that any such provision is in conflict, it is void. (B&P 6/09)
    • Removed restrictions on the ability of chapters/DLCs to take positions implying the endorsement of CSEA on civil service and CSU, retirement, pay schedules, conditions of employment of state employees or of employees of other governmental agencies, or relating to ballot propositions. (B&P 16/09)
    • Removed the requirement that Other than for an approved Association activity or a purely social activity, no member or chapter/DLC shall solicit contributions in the name of the Association or of any chapter/DLC or in such a manner as to imply endorsement bythe Association or chapter/DLC unless first approved by the Board of Directors. (B&P 16/09)
    • Eliminate Regions. Regions were geographical areas around the state which served as a local connection between the affiliates. (B&P 7/09)
  • Rejected a proposal to reduce the number of GC delegates from each chapter or DLC. CSEA delegates had previously approved holding General Council every 3 years, instead of every 2 years, which will cut costs by 1/3.
  • Rejected a proposal to investigate an affiliation with AFSCME [American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees] along with SEIU to form a stronger union.

Next GC in 2012

The next GC will meet in 2012. Current GC delegates remain delegates until new delegates are elected in 2012.


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