Friday, November 20, 2009

CalPERS Ballot: Call for Replacement If Yours Hasn't Arrived

Requesting a Replacement Ballot

If you haven't received your CalPERS runoff ballot, contact CalPERS now for a replacement. Call the Board Elections Office at (916) 795-3952 or (800) 794-2297.

Ballots were mailed November 9.

Make Sure Your Vote Is Counted

Ballots must be postmarked by December 4. Follow all voting instructions, including signing the reverse side of the envelope before mailing, to make sure your vote is counted.

In the previous vote, over 5,000 ballots went uncounted for reasons including late postmarks, missing signatures, and improperly marked ballot cards. Ballots will be counted on December 7 (so we don't actually recommend waiting until December 4 to mail yours).

CSUEU Endorses Jelincic

CSUEU endorses J.J. Jelincic for this seat on the CalPERS Board.

Jelincic is a Chartered Financial Analyst with an MBA in Finance and a BA in Economics. He's worked at CalPERS since 1986, working in the stock, fixed income, corporate governance and real estate units, and set up the futures unit. As a union activist, Jelincic has served as a steward, chief steward, chair of civil service Bargaining Unit 1, and CSEA President.

Jelincic pledges to:

  • advocate for the members and dependents
  • protect and expand secure retirements
  • control health care costs through efficiencies, not cost shifting to members, and
  • improve customer service.


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