Friday, November 6, 2009

Health Center Staff Exempt From Furlough

Here's the report from Tuesday's bargaining at the Chancellor's Office, with a link to the signed agreement:


Bargaining Update: November 5, 2009

On November 4, the CSUEU bargaining team met with representatives of the CSU at the Office of the Chancellor to negotiate over exemptions to the furlough program and resolution of several outstanding grievances. We addressed a number of furlough issues and came to two agreements.

Health Centers and Other Furlough Exemptions

Responding to growing public safety concern with the threatened H1N1 pandemic, CSU will immediately exempt from furlough all CSUEU-represented employees assigned to health center units.

It may take some time and patience for the health centers work out their schedules, says CSUEU Bargaining Unit 2 Chair Tessy Reese, but this is the right thing to do to protect our students and our community.

This year's growing challenge with the H1N1 pandemic was unforeseen at the time of the furlough agreement.

In addition, campuses may grant temporary emergency exemptions from furlough to allow other CSUEU-represented employees to respond to an H1N1 outbreak or other unforeseen emergency events, such as earthquakes or fires.

Finally, the agreement between CSUEU and CSU codifies the exemption from furlough for those employees whose salaries are reimbursed in whole or in part by externally funded grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements.

Layoffs Lifted at San Diego State and CSU Los Angeles

The CSU has rescinded layoff notices at San Diego State and CSU Los Angeles as a result of discussions between CSUEU and the campuses, as well as CSUEU and the Office of the Chancellor. Had they been enacted, these layoffs would have impacted Bargaining Unit 5 employees as a result of bumping from Unit 6 layoffs. CSUEU is still working on potential layoffs at San Jose and CSU San Bernardino.

Finding alternatives to layoffs is a priority of our Union, says CSUEU President Pat Gantt.

Adds CSUEU Bargaining Unit 5 Chair Sharon Cunningham, It's devastating for employees and their families to lose their jobs and healthcare in these economic times.

CSU Clarified Intent of General Layoff Notice

On October 28, 2009, CSU representative Bill Candella sent a letter to all CSU unions stating that the CSU was considering layoffs and offering to meet and confer. The CSU has since clarified that the intent of that letter was to initiate discussions about such voluntary programs as time base reductions. Such programs could serve as options to reduce the need for layoffs in the next fiscal year. The Chancellors Office has reported that there are no imminent layoff plans, including no further reductions in Unit 6 that, if enacted, might result in limited layoffs in Unit 5.

In union,
Phillip Coonley, Chief of Staff
California State University Employees Union (CSUEU)


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