Thursday, November 12, 2009

Proposed CSUEU Policy File Changes

There are a number of proposed changes to the Policy File, which the Board of Directors (BOD) will vote on at this weekend's meeting. They include:

  • Creation of a Unit 12 BUC. Unit 12 consists of Head Start employees at San Francisco State, now represented by CSUEU. (303.02 (a))
  • Creation of a President's Caucus to be composed only of chapter presidents and the CSUEU president, meeting as part of every regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting. The stated purpose is to network with each other on issues at the Chapter level. It's not clear why such communication would take place only 3 times per year at BOD meetings rather than throughout the year via email, or why only chapter presidents are thought to have information on ideas or programs that have been successful and/or those that have not. It's not clear why establishing a new and separate group in the Policy File is required to include an idea-sharing session in the BOD meeting. Chapter vice presidents, organizing chairs, bargaining unit representatives, etc., are not included, nor are the rest of the Board of Directors or other members of statewide committees. (305.00)
  • A provision to have the relevant portion of the Chapter Bylaws template supersede any portion of existing chapter bylaws which conflict with Association or CSUEU Bylaws or Policy File. (306.06)
  • Changing the CSUEU election cycle from 2 years to 3 years, to be consistent with CSEA's election cycle, beginning in 2012. General Council delegates are already elected on a 3-year cycle. No mention is made of what would happen to the currently-scheduled 2011 election. (601.03, 601.04)
  • Removal of a reference to our affiliation with the California Faculty Association (CFA). CFA is no longer an affiliate of CSEA. (702.00)
  • Adding evaluation of and recommendations on national and local candidates to the duties of the Legislative Committee. (1207.01)

The Policy File Committee is scheduled to meet Friday, November 13, from 9:30-11:30 a.m.


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