Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reminder: Even "Disguised" Layoffs Require Notice to Headquarters

A reminder: All notices of layoffs must go to CSUEU headquarters in Sacramento. This includes changes to employee status as a result of bumping by an employee from another bargaining unit. A campus cannot notice a chapter, or negotiate directly with the chapter without the involvement of headquarters and the elected bargaining team.

Attempted End Run

At least one campus recently tried to pull a fast one by going directly to a chapter president and attempting to reach an arrangement on a layoff without calling it a layoff. Our contract does not permit this. Layoffs, even if a campus tries to call them something else (like demotions due to bumping), require notice to headquarters and cannot be negotiated directly with chapter officers or LRRs.

What To Do

If you become aware of anything like this happening on your campus, please notify at least your Bargaining Unit Chair, the statewide Vice President for Representation, and the CSUEU Chief of Staff, immediately. If a campus manager or even a misinformed chapter officer attempts to tell you it's confidential or a campus issue, that's a red flag that something questionable is going on — most likely, that the campus is trying to do something it shouldn't. You have not only the right but the obligation to alert the elected bargaining representatives and headquarters of anything like this. Please don't wait — delaying notification can make a situation much worse.


Updated December 8, 2009: A version of this article was published in the November 25, 2009 CSUEU E-News. CSUEU activists are always invited and encouraged to reprint or adapt Unit 9 News articles for chapter newsletters, email alerts, web sites, or other union publications.

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