Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010 Budget Getting Worse?

The Governor held a press conference today where he announced that the current California budget is now almost $20 billion in the red, a larger deficit than the one he dealt with during the 2009 budget. Translation: Next year's budget could be even worse than this year.

No one yet knows what this means for the CSU system. Chancellor Reed has asked the Governor to restore $845 million dollars to fully fund the CSU's mission, but no answer to that proposal has yet been received.

Meanwhile, the Governor also said today that he would seek to extend the furloughs of all state workers who are currently on a three furlough day per month schedule for additional . Again, no mention of extending furloughs for CSU employees has yet been mentioned.

The first preliminary budget projections for 2010 should be released sometime in mid-January.

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