Friday, December 11, 2009

LSS Negotiations In Abeyance Until 2011

In case you haven't seen it:

Update on LSS negotiations: implementation of the LSS series will be held in abeyance.

Despite  the CSUEU LSS bargaining team's best efforts, the CSU remains unwilling to recognize that Library Assistants and Lead Library Assistants moving into the new Library Services Specialist (LSS) classification series should be compensated for their enhanced technological skills, duties and responsibilities. CSUEU therefore proposed, and the CSU agreed, to place the implementation of the LSS series in abeyance until July 1, 2011, in mutual recognition of the current state budget situation.

CSUEU hopes that the budget situation will have improved by then, making it possible at that point to negotiate appropriate compensation  for LSSs.

The LSS bargaining team could not in good faith sign an agreement that offered no additional compensation for the additional technological skills, duties and responsibilities that are incorporated into the new classification. CSU has agreed that this classification involves additional technological skills, duties and responsibilities, but they have taken the position that there is simply no money at this time.

What does this mean? For the time being, all Library Assistants stay in Bargaining Unit 7, and all Lead Library Assistants stay in Bargaining Unit 4 (represented by APC). New employees will continue to be hired into one of the existing Library Assistant or Lead Library Assistant classifications.

The bargaining team encourages all Library Assistants to update your position descriptions and, if you believe that you are incorrectly classified, to seek reclassifications. If you are denied, we encourage you to file an appeal within ten days.  If you need assistance with the appeal, please contact your campus steward.

What will CSUEU be doing until July, 2011?
  • CSUEU shall create a guide to assist Library Assistants who are seeking reclassifications
  • We will monitor the progress of all CSU Library Assistants with regard to In Range Progressions, Reclassifications and Bonuses
Bargaining Team Members:
  • Russell Kilday-Hicks, Vice President for Representation, CSUEU (San Francisco)
  • Joan Kennedy, Library Assistant III, SLO
  • Christine Thomas, Library Assistant IV, Pomona
  • Joseph Corica, Library Assistant IV, East Bay
  • Jennifer O'Neal-Watts, Library Assistant III, Sacramento
  • Michael Brandt, Chair, BU 7 Council (San Luis Obispo)
  • Rich McGee, Chair, BU 9 Council (San Bernardino)
  • Alisandra Brewer, Vice-Chair, BU 9 Council (Sonoma)
  • Teven Laxer, Chief Negotiator, CSUEU


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