Thursday, December 17, 2009

No additional Furlough Cuts in December Paychecks

During this past week, I've received a large number of telephone calls from CSUEU member concerned about the amount of their December paychecks. They are worried that the state will reduce their take-home pay even more due to many campuses adding additional furlough days this month.

No, you don't have to worry.

The Chancellor's Office and the CSUEU both agreed to 24 furlough days over 11 months. It was originally supposed to be 2 furlough days per month for an entire year, but the time necessary to conduct member surveys on each campus, and then actually bargain over the furlough agreement itself took several weeks longer than anticipated.

As a result, the CSU needed some way for everyone to "make up" the additional two furlough days. That's why many campuses are using four furlough days this month.

But this won't change your take-home pay. When furloughs started in August, the pay for all CSUEU employees was reduced by 10.04% per month for 11 months It doesn't matter if you take two furlough days this month, or took four of them, the same 10.04% pay reduction still applies.

And, as of this moment, the Chancellor's Office has not indicated if furloughs would be extended for another year, starting with the next fiscal year in July, 2010.

Three weeks ago, at the Board of Trustees meeting, the Chancellor said furloughs would not be offered next year, but that could change at any time.

Two weeks ago, the Chancellor asked the Governor for an additional $845 million dollars to close the gap in CSU funding. The Governor's answer is expected to be announced in early January.

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