Friday, February 19, 2010

Additional Coverage of FBI Raid at Sonoma

We've posted links to additional press coverage of yesterday's raid at Sonoma State University below. Some comments on yesterday's article contain first-hand reports.

Unit 9 Vice Chair and Chapter 304 Chief Steward Alisandra Brewer made this statement:

From the SSU Chief Steward, Alisandra Brewer:

I would not expect any CSUEU employee to be charged personal time for being sent home from work due to the FBI Raids. FBI really doesn't have the authority to send you home, though they can block you from your work area. Therefore, it was management that sent you home, so the day is Administrative Time Off.

If anyone is told they need to use their own time (vacation, sick, etc.) to cover for it, please notify me or any other steward immediately, and we will file a grievance so fast (insert cliché here)…


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