Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Layoffs Announced at East Bay

CSU notified CSUEU today of its intent to lay off 86 CSUEU-represented employees at CSU East Bay. Here are the numbers:

Announced CSU East Bay Layoffs by Bargaining Unit
Bargaining UnitNumber of Classifications AffectedNumber of Positions Affected
Unit 5416
Unit 7539
Unit 91731

Chapter 306 President Diego Campos has scheduled a chapter meeting tomorrow to discuss the layoffs. CSUEU President Pat Gantt will be there, and can speak from experience after having been actively involved in previous layoff bargaining.

A campus press release announced the impending layoff or timebase reduction of an estimated 140 non-teaching staff members, meaning there must be about 54 additional layoffs or timebase reductions among staff not represented by CSUEU. At this time we have no details on non-CSUEU layoffs.


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