Sunday, March 28, 2010

BUC 9 Report

Below is the Chair's report on last night's BUC meeting. This report is being presented to the CSUEU Board of Directors this morning.

BUC 9 Report
Report of BUC 9 Chair Rich McGee

Bargaining Unit Council (BUC) 9 met Saturday, March 27, 2010.

Student Assistants

The Classification and Qualification Standards (CQS) document for Student Assistants describes Student Assistants as working under "immediate supervision." The contract permits Student Assistants to do bargaining unit work, but only under immediate supervision.

This is an enforcement issue, and we should be filing on cases where Student Assistants are not working under immediate supervision.

Library Services Specialist (LSS) Classification Implementation
Negotiations for the LSS classification are in abeyance until 2011, when we hope the budget picture will have improved enough to support the implementation of the more-demanding classification.

In February, I asked chapter Bargaining Unit Representatives (BURs) for updates and feedback on furlough implementation. I'd like to thank the BURs who sent out the survey information to Unit 9 employees on their campuses, and who responded to me directly. Having this information was extremely helpful at the statewide Furlough Labor Management Committee (LMC).

The responses indicate that some chapters either don't have active Furlough LMCs, or are crippling themselves by excluding the people elected to represent the bargaining units – the BURs. BURs should be on chapter Furlough LMCs.

Please continue to file grievances on violations of the furlough agreement, including workload problems (since no workload complaint procedure was ever worked out), and increased student assistant hours.


So far this year we've been noticed on Unit 9 layoffs at 2 campuses: 31 at East Bay, and 27 at Humboldt. We expect layoffs at additional campuses. For comparison, in the 2003-2004 layoffs (the last large round of layoffs in our bargaining units), we had:

Layoffs Statewide 2003-2004
LayoffsUnit 9Total
Initial Layoffs60139
After Bargaining51106

Vice Chair Alisandra Brewer and I spent 2 days at East Bay interviewing employees, examining the information so far provided, and working with the chapter to prepare for bargaining. We bargained there in March, and return in April. The March bargaining was primarily about the implementation of the voluntary reduced worktime program provision in the contract – the campus is attempting to impose additional constraints on the program, which are not provided for in the contract.

We've scheduled bargaining at Humboldt in April.

A few reminders:

  • Notice must be to headquarters
    • Notice cannot be to a chapter
  • Layoff end runs — such as time-base reductions — are still layoffs
    • Headquarters must be noticed on these
    • Article 24 must be followed
  • Layoffs cannot be negotiated directly with the chapter/LRR
  • Non-renewal of temporary employees is not a layoff
  • Contact me if you hear campus manager talking about layoffs

Layoff bargaining, especially for large numbers of employees, becomes complicated and time-consuming. Two things we focus on are:

  1. Verifying that the contract is being followed. This includes the order of layoff, laying off probationary and temporary employees before permanent employees in the same classification, seniority points, exemptions, etc.
  2. Getting the best result we can for employees whose layoff can't be avoided.
Email Outsourcing

A Meet and Confer on the outsourcing of campus email is tentatively scheduled for April.

Check Campus Job Postings

Campuses continue to post jobs under lower classifications than the duties and requirements justify. Please keep monitoring your campus job postings, and file as necessary.

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