Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Judge Orders Some Civil Service Furloughs to End

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch has lifted the stay on his previous decision ending furloughs in certain state agencies. Roesch found that the governor lacked the authority under the law to impose furloughs on agencies not funded by the state's general fund. The ruling affects 65,000 employees working in agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Employment Development Department, and the lottery.

The ruling states:

It is clear to the Court that irreparable harm will occur to the members of Petitioner's organization. … The Court takes judicial notice, on its own motion, that a 15% loss of pay establishes irreparable harm to the employees represented by Petitioner SEIU.

It is likewise clear to the Court that irreparable harm will occur to California's taxpayers, including Petitioner Yvonne Walker. California taxpayers will suffer irreparable harm if the appeal operates as a stay because the taxpayers will continue to lose the benefit of these employees' work for the Respondent Agencies while still being required by this Court's judgment to pay wages for those days that the employees are improperly furloughed.

The governor's office has said they will appeal, and ask for another stay of the ruling.

Local 1000 represents state civil service employees, and like CSUEU is an affiliate of the California State Employees Association (CSEA).


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