Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Help Support CSU East Bay!

CSU East Bay has announced the potential layoff of 125 employees in units 5, 7 and 9. CSUEU and East Bay management are negotiating today to save the jobs of these

support staff members who keep the CSU running.
Please take a moment TODAY (April 5th) at 2 p.m., while bargaining is taking place, to send a message to key CSU administrators asking that their representatives do everything possible to save jobs and protect the mission of the CSU:

Mohammad Qayoumi, President - Mo.Qayoumi@csueastbay.edu
Shawn Bibb, VP Admin & Finance - shawn.bibb@csueastbay.edu
James Houpis, Provost - james.houpis@csueastbay.edu
Linda Dalton, VP Enrollment Management - linda.dalton@csueastbay.edu
Robert Burt, Vice President - bob.burt@csueastbay.edu
John Charles, Chief Information Officer - john.charles@csueastbay.edu
Jim Cimino, Assoc. VP Human Resources – jim.cimino@csueastbay.edu

Here’s a sample message to inspire you. Please feel free to write your own message and let CSU East Bay know how much cuts hurt the CSU and California.

Dear XX:
I encourage you to find alternatives to save jobs in these difficult times and to mitigate layoffs at CSU East Bay. My fellow CSU Employees Union members and I fully support the union bargaining team that is negotiating with your administration’s representatives about voluntary programs today. Our team members are in good faith willing to explore any and all options to save jobs. Please ask your bargaining team members to do the same so that together we can survive these difficult economic times with CSUEB’s support infrastructure intact.


Thanks for helping!

-Rich McGee
Chair, CSUEU Unit 9

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