Sunday, June 27, 2010

BUC 9 Report for June 26, 2010 Meeting

CSUEU's Board of Directors is meeting this weekend in Reno. Below is the report Unit 9 Chair Rich McGee will present to the Board later today:

Bargaining Unit Council (BUC) 9 Report
June 26 2010

BUC 9 met Saturday, June 26, 2010 at the CSUEU Board of Directors meeting in Reno, Nevada.


Layoffs have been announced at 9 CSU campuses. Like previous layoffs, these disproportionately affect Unit 9. In the current round of layoffs, 120 positions, out of 209, have been in Unit 9.

At each of these campuses we're working to negotiate the best possible outcome for all affected employees.


With more than a dozen campuses considering or acting on e-mail outsourcing, we met with the Chancellor's Office to discuss its impact on bargaining unit employees. On June 21st, the CSU and CSUEU signed an agreement which protects the interest of bargaining unit members and confirms the CSU's obligation to follow the contract.

I'd like to thank the officers and members who served on this bargaining team – Matthew Black, John Burdett, Eric Eisenhart, and Unit 9 Vice Chair Alisanda Brewer – as well as Senior Labor Relations Representative Teven Laxer for their work on this.

We will continue to grieve violations related to outsourcing. Outsourcing IT is not a cost-saving measure; in fact the Bureau of State Audits has determined that it costs far more than doing the job in-house.

Computer Security Training

Last year the Chancellor's Office created a mandatory web-based computer security course. Early testing by Unit 9 activists identified serious problems including erroneous statements about CSU policies, and a requirement that employees falsely claim full responsibility for systems they only partly control. We met with the CSU, and the Chancellor's Office committed to fixing the problems. Nearly a year later, it turns out that the errors have not been corrected, and CSU managers are ordering rank-and-file employees to complete the course.

Please advise employees on your campuses to contact a steward immediately if they are instructed to complete this error-filled version of the security training; we need to file on these.

BUC 9 Vacancy

We have a vacant at-large seat on BUC 9. Any chapter Bargaining Unit Representatives who would like to volunteer for this position, or would like more information, please contact BUC 9 Chair Rich McGee directly.

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