Friday, July 2, 2010

Layoff Agreements for East Bay and Bakersfield

This week we've reached agreements on layoffs at East Bay and Bakersfield. Here are the bargaining updates:

CSU East Bay

On June 29, CSUEU reached an agreement with CSU and CSU East Bay (CSUEB) regarding the mitigation of layoffs. It augments an earlier agreement on voluntary work time reduction programs for both impacted and non-impacted employees.

According to the agreement, a six-member labor-management committee will meet once or twice per month to discuss the implementation of layoffs at CSUEB. Topics will include training programs, retreat rights, voluntary programs to avoid layoffs, workload, assignments, recall from layoff, and job clearinghouse issues.

During the time any employee remains on a re-employment list, CSUEB may offer qualified laid-off employees temporary employment, including training assignments. This temporary employment will not count as an offer of return to work under Article 24.

The agreement extends existing contract provisions for professional development and training to laid-off employees. It increases the number of fee waiver courses that laid-off employees may attend from two to three courses and from 6 units to 12 units, whichever is greater, at CSUEB for the Fall 2010, Winter 2011, and Spring 2011 quarters. In subsequent quarters, the existing Article 22 contract language will govern the number of courses and units for laid-off employees.

The agreement prohibits the CSU from displacing bargaining unit employees by contracting out work or by increasing the number of administrators or student assistants’ hours in a department for the purpose of performing bargaining unit work.

Reassigned employees shall receive new job descriptions at least seven days in advance. CSUEB will provide any necessary training and will facilitate a meeting with the administrator and employee to discuss duties, expectations, and training.

Two laid-off Unit 7 employees have been offered temporary assignments, and another has been offered a full-time position. CSUEU continues to negotiate with CSUEB to resolve seven grievances and an unfair labor practice related to budget reductions and other layoffs.

Out of 86 layoffs announced in February, 20 employees remain laid off, and another 11 have had their layoff dates extended through July 30. Twenty-seven layoffs have been fully rescinded and another 13 mitigated by timebase reductions. Out of 39 employees reassigned in February, 12 have accepted reduced time bases with a right to return to full-time under our negotiated agreement, and another 16 have accepted reassignments. Several employees have found employment at nearby campuses and in other bargaining units, while a few have resigned or retired.

Bargaining took place at CSU East Bay on March 11, April 6, June 8, and June 29. CSUEU was represented at various times by President Pat Gantt, Vice President for Representation Russell Kilday-Hicks, BU 2 Chair Tessy Reese, BU 5 Chair Sharon Cunningham, BU 5 Vice Chair Richard Berry, BU 7 Chair Michael Brandt, BU 7 Council Representative Gilbert Villareal, BU 9 Chair Rich McGee, BU 9 Vice Chair Alisandra Brewer, Senior Labor Relations Representative/Chief Negotiator Lois Kugelmass, Labor Relations Representative/Co-negotiator Jerrie McIntyre, and, from CSUEU Chapter 306, President Diego Campos, Chief Steward and Vice President Rose Greeff, BU 5 Representative Marie De La Cruz, BU 7 Representative Sylvia Ortiz, and BU 9 Representative Steve Main.

CSU Bakersfield

On June 30, the second day of layoffs bargaining at CSU Bakersfield following a preliminary session on June 3, CSUEU and CSU reached agreement on the terms of layoff.

According to the agreement, CSU Bakersfield employees who voluntarily take a time base reduction can exit the program if the need for cost savings becomes unnecessary or if not enough savings are generated to save laid-off positions.

Other sections of the pact reinforce employee rights under CSUEU/CSU’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. Some articles parallel agreements recently reached at other campuses.

CSUEU continues efforts to mitigate individual cases of layoff. More than half of the affected CSU Bakersfield employees have been completely reinstated or offered some form of mitigation. Negotiations continue on behalf of the remaining represented employees, whose layoff will be effective July 6. Several grievances arose out of specific situations, which remain unresolved at this time.

Our responsibility is to work for each affected employee, explained CSU Bakersfield Chapter 310 President Ray Finnell. We will keep advocating on their behalf.

CSUEU Vice President for Representation Russell Kilday-Hicks stated, Different needs at each campus are addressed in bargaining and are reflected in the varying campus agreements. Advance preparation by the chapter helps the team coming in.

Chief negotiator Lois Kugelmass led the CSUEU negotiating team skillfully. Other team members included Finnell, Kilday-Hicks, CSUEU President Pat Gantt, Bargaining Unit 7 Council Vice Chair John Orr, Bargaining Unit 9 Vice Chair Alisandra Brewer, Labor Relations Representative Frank Pulido, and, from Chapter 310, Chief Steward and Vice President Kathryn Plunkett, Unit 7 Representative and Organizing Chair Tina Giblin, and Unit 9 Representative Teresa Robertson.


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