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BUC 9 Report for November 6, 2010 Meeting

Here is the report from yesterday evening's Bargaining Unit Council 9 (BUC 9) meeting, being presented this morning to the CSUEU Board of Directors:

Bargaining Unit 9 Council Report
Meeting Date: November 6, 2010

The current vacancy on the Unit 9 BUC will be filled by the end of December, so we can once again have a full council prior to the submission of the CSUEU sunshine proposal in February and the expiration of our current contract next June.

Information Security

Almost a year ago Unit 9, along with Teven Laxer, Senior Labor Relations Representative for Unit 9, met with the Chancellor's Office to discuss a new requirement that many IT staff members complete an annual on-line training course in information security. While we agreed on having employees complete the training and indicate that they had done so, the Chancellor's Office also agreed to correct several errors in the training module. Now, a year later, managers are again requiring IT members to complete this training, even though the agreed upon changes have not yet been made. Because employees may be required to certify they have completed this training under threat of discipline, CSUEU urges employees to complete the training as required, but to also fill out a disclaimer form. This document will be sent to all chapter Unit 9 Representatives within the next few weeks.

Several campuses currently use student assistants and/or work-study students for highly sensitive tasks such as password resets and LDAP modifications, often without any type of background check or security process in place. CSUEU has brought this to the attention of the Chancellor's Office, they are working on a way to mitigate this obvious security risk. If you are aware of this happening at your campus, please alert your Information Security Office.

CSU Budget

The CSU still has not finalized a budget. Meanwhile, the Board of Trustees will vote on increasing student fees 5% next Wednesday, with an additional 10% increase planned for early 2011. This equals a 72% tuition hike in 5 years.


42% of all layoffs in CSUEU bargaining units were in Unit 9 (123.5 out of 295.5).

Bakersfield  1
Chancellor's Office  7 (2 recently reposted as MPP)
East Bay  31
Fresno  24
Humboldt  27
Maritime Academy  1.5
Pomona  4
Sacramento  7
San Jose  21
Total Statewide  123.5

Midyear cuts could prompt more layoffs. The new state budget has no additional revenue sources. Some campuses have recently prepared 5%, 10% and 15% (or higher) budget cut contingency plans, in case of additional budget cuts.

Per our contract, the CSU can lay off employees either for lack of work, or lack of funds. We then bargain over the impact of these layoffs. If you hear any talk of layoffs from a campus manager, let your LRR know immediately, so headquarters can begin an investigation.


The Unit 9 Council discussed employee misclassification. The CSU has all of the official classification and qualification standards (CQS) online:
All units:
Unit 9:

These were agreed to by both the CSU and CSUEU, and form the basis for proper employee classification. If an employee is working outside their classification (i.e. an AA/S performing primarily IT duties) this is the place to start in determining the proper classification.

The CQS should also used to determine whether a campus vacancy is posted at the appropriate classification level. All BU 9 representatives should monitor vacant position announcements, and file a grievance if a position is misclassified. Campus managers often misclassify job postings in an attempt to save money. Duties are the determining factor in appropriate position classification, not underfunding.

Closed Session on Bargaining Strategy

The Unit 9 Council then went into closed session to discuss issues regarding bargaining strategy, per the CSUEU Bylaws and Policy File.

Respectfully submitted,
Rich McGee Chair, Bargaining Unit 9


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