Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CSU Proposes End to Some Campus Audits

This message was sent by the CFA. Audits and openness are always worth protecting.

Tell the Governor to Protect Transparency in the CSU

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As part of Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised budget proposal for the 2011/12 fiscal year, the department of finance has authored “trailer bill” language to eliminate a requirement for financial audits that currently must be conducted biennially for each CSU campus.

If this budget is signed into law with the trailer bill intact it would drastically reduce the ability of students, faculty, staff and good government groups to seek financial accountability from CSU campuses in the form of basic financial statements on how the university spends its money.

Send the governor a message to protect transparency in the CSU by going to: www.calfac.org/keepthebooksopen

This “trailer bill” language – or change in government code included as part of the larger budget deal – is a change long sought by CSU Chancellor Reed but opposed by CSU faculty and staff.

Read the “Trailer Bill” language.

For example, independent analyses of campus finances, which have been so helpful to faculty in the past, are based almost entirely on these audits.

Eliminating audits gives the Chancellor another opportunity to hide the truth about where he spends money. This is particularly unacceptable in an era where they have cut sections and raised fees, and are contemplating doing more of both.

Over the past few years, CSU Administrators have proven time and time again – through any number of poor spending decisions – that we should be watching them more closely, not less.

Send the Governor a message urging him to maintain the current requirements for annual campus based audits.

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