Thursday, November 17, 2011

CSU's Own 9-9-9 Plan, More News Links

The CSU has its own 9-9-9 plan: a 9% student fee increase, the 9th in 9 years.

Yesterday the CSU Board of Trustees recessed then reconvened in secret, excluding the public and the press. During that closed meeting, Trustees voted to raise student tuition fees by 9.1%. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, a member of the Board, argued against the cuts:

"In today's economy, the timing of the proposed 9 percent tuition increase could not come at a more difficult time," said Newsom, who called cuts to higher education a "catastrophic trend."

The six Trustees who voted against the tuition hike were Bernadette Cheyne, Steven Glazer, Henry Mendoza, Gavin Newsom, Tom Torlakson (State Superintendent of Public Instruction), and Melinda Guzman.

Trustees removed the tuition "buy out" option from their budget proposal to the legislature, which would have asked the legislature to fund the CSU at a level sufficient to prevent the ninth fee increase in nine years.

Newsom opposed the Trustees' decision to vote behind closed doors and urged the Trustees place the fee increase on the agenda for the scheduled special meeting on December 5.

The CSU issued a statement about the Trustees' decision to reconvene out public view, but seems not to have read some of the Bagley Keene Act excerpt they cite:

Nothing in this section shall prohibit the state body from establishing a procedure for readmitting an individual or individuals not responsible for willfully disturbing the orderly conduct of the meeting. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, only matters appearing on the agenda may be considered in such a session. Representatives of the press or other news media, except those participating in the disturbance, shall be allowed to attend any session held pursuant to this section.


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