Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lt. Gov. Newsom Calls for Open Trustees Meeting

Lt. Governor Newsom issued this statement after yesterday's CSU Board of Trustees meeting:

"The CSU Board today adopted yet another student fee increase, continuing an alarming trend of passing more of the cost of public higher education onto hard working students and their families.

"Even more alarming was the manner in which the decision was made. With many members of the Board not even attending the meeting today, and after protesters interrupted the proceedings, the CSU leadership chose to continue behind closed doors with no members of the public or media in attendance.

"Whatever the rationale, this issue is simply too important to not allow for a full and thorough public discussion or to contribute to the perception that this process is anything less than open and transparent. By doing so, I fear we are unintentionally inflaming the widespread confusion and acrimony that continues to build around the issue.

"Because so many members of the Board were unable to attend, and the actions were taken out of the sight of the public and media, I call on the CSU to place this issue back on the agenda for the scheduled special meeting of the Board on December 5.

"At that time the full Board can hold an open debate, with full public comment and members of the media present, so that the people of California can be confident that these decisions are being made in the open and decision-makers — myself included — are being held to account."


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