Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tentative Agreement Reached!

After more than a year of full-contract bargaining between the CSU and CSUEU, both sides have reached a tentative agreement.

You can read all the details on the CSUEU's Tentative Agreement website.

It is expected that the Board of Trustees will vote to ratify the agreement tomorrow, as they are required to do.

If they accept the TA, then the bargaining team will send members to each campus to explain the changes in the proposed agreement, as well as answer member's questions.

Once that process concludes, each member will be sent a contract ratification ballot by mail. Voting is by bargaining unit, and a "Yes" vote means to accept the terms of the Tentative Agreement, while a "No" vote would require the team to return to the bargaining table.

The contract, while not perfect, offers some important gains for us, and limits parking fee increases to a maximum of $3 per year, and only in a year where we receive a general salary increase (GSI).

The Bargaining Team recommends ratification of the agreement.

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Anonymous said...

No confidence in the Union OR Chancellor Reed. Chancellor is pushing a minimum of 10% for new campus presidents and what do we union people get when we move to another position a 3% to 5% and that is MAX per HR. What about trying to get us union folks COLA (Cost of Living allowance)at least?