Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Accounting Classifications Bargaining Today and Tomorrow

Today and tomorrow, CSUEU is at the Chancellor's Office to continue bargaining over much-needed updates to the accounting classifications. Accounting classifications occur in both Units 7 and 9: the Accountant series is in Unit 9, and the Accounting Technician series and Accounting Clerk classifications are in Unit 7.

Yesterday John Orr, Chair of Bargaining Unit 7, addressed the Board of Trustees regarding the impact of the outdated Accounting Clerk classification. As he described it:

It's a classification that exists from the time we used cash registers, and that financial transactions were done on paper. Today that's not the way things are done.

He pointed out there are only 14 Accounting Clerks in the entire CSU system, clustered at just 6 campuses plus the Chancellor's Office. As he put it:

The reason they only exist on those campuses is not because the other campuses don't have that work. It's that at the other campuses, that work's being done by Account Tech I, which is a higher classification.

Addressing the presidents of those 6 campuses directly, he implored them to talk to their HR departments and reclassify the few staff still in Accounting Clerk positions so as to eliminate the classification.


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