Saturday, July 7, 2012

CSEA Member Benefits Meeting Agenda

The CSEA Member Benefits Committee meets today. Here is the agenda:

Second 2012 Member Benfits Committee Meeting

Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
300 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 446-0100

July 7, 2012

[Hotel room and parking rates, and airport shuttle information deleted for this post]

  1. Call to Order at 9 a.m. by Chair Rosmaire M. Duffy.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. Roll Call:
    • Rosmaire M. Duffy, Chair, Chapter 503
    • Caryl Cole, Chapter 12
    • Marie K. Harder, DLC 762
    • Richard McGee, Chapter 320
    • Peggy O'Neil-Rosales, Chapter 315
    • Pamela Robison, Chapter 503
    • Barbara A. Wilson, Chapter 2

    • Officer Assigned:  Donna Snodgrass

    • Staff Assigned:   Kay Thomas, Director of Member Benefits
      Lisa Fong, Program Specialist
  4. Introductions
  5. Approval of First 2012 Member Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes
  6. Remarks of Chair
  7. Remarks of Officer Assigned
  8. Remarks of Staff Assigned
  9. Annual Review of CSEA Sponsored or Endorsed Insurance Plans:
    1. Group Term Life Insurance Plan — Anthem Life Insurance Company
    2. Group Ordinary Life Insurance Plan — Anthem Life Insurance Company
    3. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plan — New York Life Insurance Company
    4. Disability Income Insurance Plans (Short Term and Long Term) — New York Life Insurance Company
    5. Cancer Insurance Plans — Monumental Life Insurance Company
    6. Family Life Insurance Plan — American United Life Insurance Company
    7. Legal Plan — Legal Club of America
    8. Auto and Homeowners Insurance Pland — Unitrin Direct preferred insurance
    9. Emergency Assistance Plus Plan (EA+) — OnCall International
    10. 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Plan — Pethealth Incorporated
    11. Comprehensive Accident Plan (CAP) — Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company
    12. Travel Accident Insurance Plan — New York Like Insurance Company
      [Editor's note: we suspect this is really New York Life Insurance Company, but "Like" is what our copy said.]
  10. Old Business:
    1. Affirmation of the Auto Insurance Plan — Request for Proposal (RFP)
    2. Final Expense Life Insurance Plan (Burial Insurance)
  11. New Business:
    1. Hearing Aid Benefit
  12. Information Items:
    1. Discount Programs and Travel Programs
    2. Direct Ticket Sales
    3. Purchasing Power Report
    4. Marketing and Electronic Communications Annual Report
  13. Unscheduled Items
  14. Adjournment


CSUEU members are eligible for CSEA Member Benefits, because CSUEU is an affiliate of CSEA. Member Benefits is funded by the programs offered, not member dues. Rich McGee (Chapter 320, San Bernardino) and Peggy O'Neil-Rosales (Chapter 315, Long Beach) serve as CSUEU's representatives on the CSEA Member Benefits Committee.


There is a city parking garage next to the hotel (this is what the hotel uses for "self park"). The easiest way is to pull into the hotel parking lot from 3rd Street, then turn right across a tiny bridge to the city garage (the Downtown Plaza West Garage).
Parking rates:

  • $1.25 each half hour for first two hours
  • $1.50 each additional half hour
  • $15.00 daily maximum charge


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