Saturday, June 30, 2018

BUC 9 Report: June 2018 Meeting

Bargaining Unit Council 9 met yesterday in San Jose, as part of this weekend's CSUEU Board of Directors meeting. Here's the report from Unit 9 Chair Rich McGee:

Bargaining Unit Council 9
June 29th, 2018      San Jose

Activists attending this Unit 9 Council meeting have a collective 451 years of experience working for the CSU.

In-Range Progression (IRP) Campaign

Andy Heller, staff assigned, discussed the statewide IRP drive which has resulted in 4 unfair labor practice charges (ULP’s) and 50 grievances, owing to a systematic denial of IRP requests statewide, using identical language. In a bright spot, several hundred employees at Chico received IRP’s. Bakersfield granted a 27% IRP to one individual.

Staffing Changes

CSUEU’s chief administrator is out on medical leave until August. Joseph Jelencic (Senior Labor Relations Representative) now works for the Chancellor’s Office. Magali Kincaid (Labor Relations Representative) has resigned. Nancy Yamada (attorney) has retired.

Janus Case

We heard an overview of this Supreme Court case from Andy Heller.

The upshot is that government employees cannot be required to pay fair share fees to the unions which represent them. Unions must still represent employees in the bargaining unit.

We have a renew and recommit campaign now underway.

Exempt to Hourly Conversion

CSU has stated they intend to convert any IT person earning less than $93,000 to an hourly employee. This could have a huge cost impact on the CSU, as all these newly-minted hourly workers would now be eligible for overtime (3 hours minimum) or CTO when called back to work.

General Exempt Issues

As a reminder, exempt employees who are called for work during sick or vacation days get the day back. Exempt employees cannot be charged a partial day for sick or vacation time.

Under our new contract, you get back an hour of informal time for every hour you work after you have left work for the day.

There are still no fixed hours for exempt employees.

Campus Closures

If your campus is closing for a long Independence Day weekend, you have a right to work your regular non-holiday days. If the campus is closed, you may end up in a different location, but you cannot be denied the right to work at all, since that would be a lockout.

Electronic Voting

Neil Jacklin addressed the group about E-Ballot electronic voting.

Unit 9 had the highest turnout for the contract ratification voting. It cost $4995 to run the ratification election.

Meet and Confer Updates

Some campuses continue to try to impose absurd restrictions on the union’s on-campus speech rights. We know our rights as a Union, but some campuses want to restrict them even further.

Video surveillance policies are still under discussion. In general, such surveillance should only be used for criminal investigations, meaning only police should have access to video recordings and video surveillance should not be used for discipline. Managers should be able to manage without spying remotely on employees. Cameras also require signs warning anyone in the area that they are on camera.

Steward Recertification

Stewards can now re-certify for the new contract online, until December. Sixty-seven have passed the recertification exam so far.

San Francisco, Bakersfield, and Long Beach have recently hosted steward training, and San Diego is planning to host steward training toward the end of July.


Statewide officers (that would be the four executive officers, plus the new Bargaining Unit Councils for 2, 5, 7, and 9) elections are this weekend. Rich reviewed the weekend’s activities and went over how the elections work.

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